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Meet Your Team at 
Garden State Elite Medi Center


Garden State Elite Medi Center (GSEMC) is founded in the belief that care of any form should be individualized – it’s the individualization of the person that uniquely positions the medical team of GSEMC to employ the philosophy acquired in the “Cura Personalis”.  Cura Personalis is a Latin phrase that translates “care for the whole person”.  The medical team is comprised of highly motivated and successful people who have earned multiple graduate degrees ranging from medical doctorate (MD), doctor of nursing practice (DNP) as well as a master of business administration (MBA).  These highly accomplished individuals are acutely aware of the importance in caring for the mind, body and soul; therefore desire nothing more than through the reduction in the body’s weight and inches, simultaneously increase and improve the mind and soul. 

GSEMC is committed to the nursing philosophy which is dedicated to advocating on behalf of the patient.  The evolution of healthcare is directly proportional to the advancement of nursing as both a profession and a mission.  Garden State Elite Medi Center has utilized the nursing model as its foundation, seeking to afford each of its patients a level of care that is personal, professional as well as ELITE.  Our team has over 20 years of combined healthcare experience in caring for patients with different co-morbidities (i.e. diabetes and high blood pressure).  While under the care of GSEMC, you’re never alone. 



Danielle is a well accomplished leader who is the epitome of “practicing what you preach” in developing a well-balanced life.  The personification of “living your best life”, is identified in a coach who can relate firsthand to life’s challenges – however, has clearly and confidently acquired the skills and education required to guide others.  A coach is a mentor, a leader, a teacher, a friend – a coach is a person with whom we’ve developed a relationship that is founded in trust, confidence, belief and admiration.  These are the characteristics and qualities immediately seen when working with Danielle.  Her ability to be objective, advocating for your own personal “greater-good”, is appreciated in her dedication and commitment to instructing others to achieve the same. 
Danielle’s passion for knowledge has been demonstrated in her relentless pursuit for new information and practices over the past 16 years.  Danielle has earned and possesses both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree - each from accredited universities.  Furthermore, she has attained multiple certifications, being a Certified Master Health and Wellness Coach as well as a Certified Wellness Coach.  Danielle has an extensive amount of experience leading teams and individuals in a variety of settings; however, has a gratitude for the more personally focused one-on-one approach.  She has participated in a plethora of events, ranging from public speaking to authoring curriculum.  Danielle respects the components that encompass a well-balanced life; ensuring the holistic components (mind, body and soul) are intimately cared for.  She most certainly is the COACH to illuminate the best path for the Garden State Elite Medi Center team.

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